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Yacon Syrup For Weight Loss?
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    Yacon Syrup Weight Loss is dedicated to bringing you up to speed with current and relevant information regarding the new craze in the weight loss world.

    After highly detailed due diligence and self-inquiring - there is one thing for sure - Yacon syrup seems to have favorable attributes and qualities that give it a good standing as a viable option to start shedding excess body fat...

    but does Yacon Syrup and it's Root Extract have as advertised game changing benefits?

    After accumulating, accomplishing, and achieving over 4 years of our own personal health journey..we would like to share some more insight into action so you can pragmatically start to apply these core concepts and practical philosophies back into your own diet and health protocols.

    The Magical Weight Loss Formula:
    Knowledge + Truth + Action = Results

    Be prepared to get your mind stretched, your body healed, and your life energy regenerated as we plan to share the secrets of a healthy transformation and journey.

    Yacon Syrup Extract Information

    Yacon Syrup Extract Benefits


    Have you heard about the weight loss supplement in a study that hasn’t been requiring overweight individuals to diet or even exercise to lose weight? Yacon Syrup Extract is the name of this amazing supplement.

    Although it is much better and you will be able to lose weight faster with diet and exercise, Yacon Syrup has actually shown that even without those it can help boost your metabolism and burn fat naturally.

    Yacon Syrup Review

    Most of the people out there are looking to lose weight naturally. Many health supplements provide everything a weight loss trainee needs, yet few manage to provide the looked-for effects. One of the most effective natural ingredients that contribute to successful weight loss is Yacon. As a South American root, this plant has been in the Andean diet for many years. Hundreds of years, as a matter of fact…

    This plant has amazing weight loss effects. Not only that it is able to trim waists, but it also supports internal weight loss – meaning it has the effect of regulating digestion and blood sugar without adding artificial elements. Even a famous TV host and Doctor presented his yacon syrup diet review on his show.

    The exciting reviews presented something extraordinary.

    The Yacon Project

    The Yacon Project is more like an experiment that goes like this:

    60 adult women were asked to consume 1 teaspoon of Yacon Syrup with their every meal, for 4 weeks. Meanwhile, they were required to not change anything about their day to day lives. Out of these 60 women, 40 managed to complete the project.

      • 29 women lost weight – 73%
      • 14 women lost 5 pounds and maybe a little bit more
      • the average weight loss was 2.9 pounds
      • the average waist size reduction was 1.9 inches
      • weight loss among women was 153 pounds
      • 27 women recommended yacon as a weight loss measurement

    Yacon Syrup Benefits

    Some studies have shown how yacon can provide many health benefits. Weight loss is just one of the most appreciated and important ones. Clinical Nutirtion has published something in 2009… It seems 55 obese Argentine women took 3 to 5 teaspoons of yacon syrup during a day. The same women were also encouraged to no longer eat so much and walk for 45 minutes, two times a week.

    For more than 120 days, the women who weren’t on the syrup did not lose weight while those who used the syrup lost around 33 pounds and 4 inches from their waist circumference. More than this, it seems the yacon syrup had also great effects for their insulin intake, as they dropped significant amounts of insulin and bad cholesterol. Their bowel movements improved, as well.

    Yacon Syrup Ingredients

    Prebiotics, insulin and fructooligosaccharides (FOS) are amongst the main ingredients in yacon syrup. FOS is sugars that can be naturally found in plants and especially in this syrup. FOS passes the human digestive system and ends up in the colon without being attacked by stomach acids.

    This means the yacon syrup is very low in calories and acts just like a soluble fiber that increases the stool from hoarding up. This means constipation control.

    The beneficial bacteria in the colon (Bifidus andLactobacillus), makes it possible for this medium to be 100% healthy and inclined towards weight loss. FOS has also been proven to regulate the generation of certain gastrointestinal peptides that make it easier for the digestive process to take place. In conclusion, yacon has the ability to control appetite and food cravings.

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    Is Yacon Syrup Right For Me?

    If you have stumbled upon this website after searching for a weight loss supplement that comes from the Yucon root in the form of a syrup or extract pills, then I have some insightful information for you.

    Although in the study that was shown on TV by a famous Doctor / TV Show Host, there was a lot of information that seems to be missing from the study.

    Yacon Syrup Project Flaws

    One very important piece that was missing was a placebo controlled group. Of the sixty individuals that started the yacon syrup project, only forty completed it. And of that forty, 29 or 73% of the women lost weight.

    But there is no way to really tell if this weight loss was purely due to the individuals using Yacon Syrup daily or if it was just a placebo affect and that they were watching what they were eating, without even realizing it.

    Can this have a big impact on the study?

    I would have to say no doubt that many of the individuals in the study without realizing cut out something they would normally have ate or snacked on just because they were constantly thinking about being apart of the study. This can no doubt influence results.

    A new study with more participants and also a placebo-controlled group will help minimize any doubt.

    Another flaw that was never mentioned was that high levels of Yacon Root can cause diarrhea and cramping. And if you are not careful on how the supplement is made it could be potentially hazardous to your health, as only the roots should be used since the leaves can be potentially toxic to the body.

    The results of the study that was performed were really no better than a calorie restricted diet. Of course with any diet or weight loss goal or plan, you should study the calories that you are taking in each day so that you can figure out what foods should be cut from your diet anyway.

    Am I saying Yacon Syrup Extract will not work for you? Absolutely not.

    It may no doubt work for you. But are there better choices to get your health back on track?


    Why Use Supplements Other Than Yacon Syrup?

    There are better health supplements that can help you get your health back on track by; losing weight, feeling better, and cleansing the body. If you are taking a weight loss supplement, but not changing your diet or adding in some additional exercise then you are not really doing your body any favors.

    You really need to start at the core by eating right, exercising, and cleansing the body of harmful heavy metals and toxins that are consumed daily. Whether you realize it or not, unless you are eating completely organic, the food that you consume is highly processed and treated with chemicals to keep out parasites and keep the food fresher longer.

    But these chemicals can make the body sick and highly toxic. These heavy metals and toxins can come from the air you breathe, water you drink, or the food you eat. These heavy metals and toxins can be the root cause of; allergic reactions, asthma, bowel discomfort, many food intolerance's, itching, Morgellon's disease, nausea, pain, and sinus infections.

    So What Should I Take?

    As I said before, there are better health supplements that are multifaceted. The very best supplement that I can recommend is Human Grade or Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

    It is an all natural detoxifier that essentially scrubs your internals and removes heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead and other heavy metals in a natural and painless way. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth also contains antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral attributes that helps you feel healthy and reinvigorated.

    Not only is Diatomaceous Earth great for detoxing your body and getting it ready for optimal performance, but it contains high concentrations of Silica. D.E. is a rich source of about 85% amorphous silica and approximately 20 other trace minerals.

    Silica is responsible for strong nails, teeth, hair, skin, and bones. You can do your own research on Silica, but it has been well known that no life would exist without Silica, as it is the most important trace element in the human body as it plays an important role in almost all expects of our daily body functions.

    Some other benefits of taking a Silica / Diatomaceous Earth supplement is

    • Lower Blood Pressure
    • Joint Pain Relief
    • Improved Skin Tone
    • Lower High Cholesterol
    • Increased Bone Strength
    • Anti-Aging Benefits
    • Natural Weight Loss
    • And MUCH MORE...

    What D.E. Silica Supplement Do You Recommend?


    SilaLive Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth And Silica Supplement. This is by far one of the best brands of Food Grade D.E. that I have taken.

    You can also research the web and find a lot of other GREAT reviews for the SilaLive product.

    You can visit their website by going here > You can read more information on this health supplement and why Silica is important for you and why a high quality D.E. product can really change the way you feel.

    I highly suggest getting to the root of your health issues rather than looking for a over night miracle supplement that may shed off a few pounds. If you only look for this miracle product, then you will never really be doing your body any good.

    Get to the root of your issues.

    But as always, you are free to choose which route to take, but I would always choose a long term solution over a quick fix. And I believe that SilaLive Diatomaceous Earth with Organic silica is the right solution for me as well as many others.

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    Yacon Syrup Extract Review

    Looking to lose weight but can't seem to shed off any extra weight? Well stay with us as we take a look into Yacon Syrup Extract, one of the hottest selling natural weight loss and metabolism boosters to hit the general public.

    Studies of Yacon Syrup Extract have shown that people have actually lost weight without having to change their diet or even add exercise (although it will help burn it quicker) just by taking this supplement daily.

    Yacon Syrup For Weight Loss


    Yacon Syrup Promotes Natural Weight Loss.

    Nature’s provision is always the best policy when it comes to losing weight and creating a healthy physique. Nature created something truly wonderful when it designed the yacon root.

    Yacon root extract is popularly used in the form of yacon syrup to deliver incredible health benefits to the human body.

    This simple root from South America has become a global sensation ever since its health-promoting properties were discovered by doctors and health professionals.

    The positive reviews keep pouring in from satisfied users who have seen the benefits of yacon work for their bodies.

    What is the secret behind how this organic root works?

    Discover how nature’s design has become the human body’s best friend in the battle of the bulge.

    The Basic Benefits of Yacon Root Syrup

    Yacon root syrup is extremely low in calories and extremely high in fiber. The root's abundance of soluble fiber makes it extremely beneficial to the human digestive system because it acts as a natural detoxification agent.

    Yacon supplements promote healthy bowel movements. Healthy bowel movements are vital to fostering trim and efficient bodies.

    A Sweet Taste with Sweet Results

    Many people enjoy the natural sweet taste of yacon syrup. They also find its side effects to be quite impressive. Yacon is credited with increasing the human body’s absorption rate of vitamins and dietary minerals.

    Increased absorption of vitamins and minerals translates to healthier bodies and sharper minds. People who take supplements containing yacon syrup can get more nutrition out of every bite of food they take in.

    This is important since nourished bodies are less likely to experience cravings and the compulsion to overeat.

    Yacon Root Extract and Weight Loss

    yacon root benefits

    This one little root has the power to help people drop major pounds. Yacon root is packed with organic materials that reduce inflammation and boost immunity when ingested by humans.

    The reduction of inflammation is linked with helping people maintain healthy weights. Further benefits are caused by the root’s ability to help regulate insulin. Steady insulin levels are a key component of reducing food cravings and keeping appetites in check.

    This means that introducing yacon supplements into meal plans could be the secret to helping dieters finally squash the desire to snack on unhealthy foods. Many people find it useful to take a serving of yacon syrup with breakfast, lunch, and dinner to feel satisfied and give their metabolisms a boost.

    Positive Side Effects

    There are additional side effects that come along with achieving healthy insulin levels that go far beyond a trimmer waistline. Yacon root's role in insulin stabilization is also believed to help keep cholesterol levels, diabetic symptoms, and metabolic disorders under control.

    This can have extraordinary positive implications for the millions of people who suffer with heart issues, diabetes, and blood sugar issues. Losing weight with the aid of yacon supplements can help people reduce a wide number of weight-related ailments.

    Yacon's Popularity Will Continue to Grow

    Anyone looking for a natural way to lose weight just might be on the verge of a root revolution. People from all walks of life are discovering the benefits of weight loss, efficient digestion, and enhanced vitality that yacon syrup supplements promote.

    You might say that yacon root is becoming the root cause of health for many people.

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